For my Technology Integration Project, I am working on using technology to help track student’s effort and participation when they are at home. I am trying ensure as must privacy as possible, where I do not need to keep photos or videos of students on my laptop. In order to do achieve these students will primarily be using their cells phones and an app. However, there are other resources that I want and will need to use in order to help enhance learning and understanding.

The resources I will be using to help achieve my goal are:

Google Classroom– I will have the whole class on our Google Classroom. Each student has a Google account given to them by the district with offers excellent privacy of their information. In this classroom I will uploading information and assignments for the students to see. This will be where all their assignments will be uploaded for me to assess.

Google. 2014. Google classroom image. [Image]. Wikipedia.

STRAVA App– Students will have to download the app to their phone and utilize the GPS to track their distance, pace and time. In our first session I will going over how to use the app and what specifically they will need to do.

Youtube Video on how to use STRAVA– As I was researching the what to do for my Technology Integration Project, I used this youtube video to help me understand how to use the app and what features there are. I will be explaining how to use the app in person during a lesson, but if students do not understand fully, or need more information afterwards, I want to put this video on the google classroom for them to view at any time during the year. Having this video for everyone to see at any time allows for a more universal design for learning. Some students find it easier to learn when they do it on their own time, or hear it differently, or visually see it done. I only have a certain amount of time to explain this and this means I may rush through it or miss some key features, so having a secondary source help them will be benefit everyone.

A document containing the Assignment Information –Eventually, I will have a document describing all steps that are involved with the assignment. Just like the video, I will be going over that with the class in person, but I will also post for each student to check whenever they want. It will describe what to do and my expectations, but also how to do everything involved. This document will be posted on the google classroom as well.


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