My Technology Integration Activity uses a running app that can also be used as a form of social media. There are many positives that can come with the use of social media tech, but at the same there are risks involved. When I am ready to roll out this assignment, I want to make sure that students understand the risks involved with the social media side of this, but at the same time showing them that it is safe to use. Discussing the following check lists with the students will help me teach safety and expectations with the students so we can be safe and secure.

  • When asking students to download the app, I need to share the social media and online safety policies that our school and district have laid out (Common Sense Education. 2017). This will include:
    • Discussing “what you do online reflects who you are in real life” (BC Ministry of Education).
    • Respecting others and their privacy. If you are trying to friend another student in class, but they do not want to accept, then do not take it any farther.
    • Sharing rules around cyberbullying and not participating in online gossiping, mean messaging or posting inappropriate photos or images (BC Ministry of Education).
    • Staying away from “scams and illegal” (BC Ministry of Education). content. Make sure that if pop ups or links come up with information that does not pertain to our class work, then do not click it.
    • Do not accept friend requests from people you do not know. Keep your information private and between people you trust.
  • When discussing the in-app functions, I want need to discuss expectations and rules that ensure our safety.
    • When downloading the app, make sure you do so on a secure network. Our school or your home are secure networks that will keep strangers out of your information.
    • When you download the app, there will a function that will allow you to use your facebook information. I would prefer you to not link the accounts. Create a new account. Let’s keep our personal and professional information separate. (Common Sense Education. 2017).
    • Creating a new account will allow you to make up information and not share other personal information.
    • The app will allow you to connect with friends and others. If you wish, but remember you do not have to, you can add only other friends in our class. Do not add anyone else who is not in our class.
    • If strangers try to add you, do not respond and do not add. If they message you, do not respond and do not retaliate. Tell me, and just ignore.
    • Do not try to deal with problems yourself. Either discuss with me, or a trusted family member.
  • When discussing the “Screen Shot” they are to send in
    • Make sure that the picture you are sending in for your assignment only has the run information on it. This includes image of route, distance, pace and time. DO NOT send an image yourself. This is to secure privacy and safety.
    • Never send images of yourself over the internet to anyone.


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