This was first ever time using Powtoon. When I initially started do my introduction video, I became very frustrated and impatient as the program was not as easy to use as I had originally heard. I found it confusing and ultimately harder to do than what I would have normally done. However, after some time playing around with it, it become easier as I understood the features a little more.

When it comes the use of introduction videos. I believe they are a positive thing for building a social presence and helping student, however I feel they can a bit childish. I felt that this activity was more for elementary grades and less for senior grades. I teach predominantly grades 10, 11 and 12 and I feel as though if I sent an introduction video out to them then they would question why I did that. It may something to do with the relationships that I have already formed with them, but I just know that most people would not see the benefit in the process. On the other hand, if I was in an elementary teacher I think this would be great way to help students become more comfortable with the class and the teacher. I think it also helps parents become more comfortable with who they are sending their children to.

My video has many elements that relate to the cognitive load model. I kept the amount of text lite on each slide so it was not over whelming. I kept the video short so students would more prone to watching the whole message. And finally, I used images that related to the information. They do not take away from the content. Below is the video for you to watch. I hope you enjoy. Please leave any comments that would help me improve the video for next time.


Hendricks, D. (2016, April 17). Cognitive load theory: how do I apply it? [Video file]. Retrieved from