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For my Technology Integration Project, I am working on finding new ways to help combat the challenges that PE teachers face with online PE classes. The specific challenges I am focusing on checking student’s activity levels when they are away from class. I would like to find better ways to hold them accountable for the fitness activities they are doing at home. Secondly, I am
trying to find better ways to give guidance to students when they are participating in activity away from myself and the class.

To start, I want to use Google Classroom. Our school district has given every staff member and student a Google Account that we can use to interact with each other. Using Google Classroom, I want to have everyone registered into the class so we can have an asynchronous form of communication. This platform will also be a place where I upload assignments and they complete directly on there.

Google. 2014. Google classroom image. [Image]. Wikipedia.

When looking into actively monitoring student’s participation in fitness at home, I have been testing out some new apps. They include:

  1. Nike Run Club
  2. Under Armour MapMyRun
  3. Asics Runkeeper
  4. Strava: Run, Ride, Swim

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Each app is free for anyone to download, so the cost is a non-factor. These apps track your distance, route and time of the activity that you are currently doing. For example, if you run around the block for 20 minutes the app will generate an image that shows the area you ran. It will also show that you were moving for a certain amount of time and finally it will state the distance. This could be used a great tool to help hold students accountable as I could have students either run, bike or walk a specified distance 2 times a week. Each time they do it, they take a screen shot of their phone which will show me their route, time it took and distance they went. Once the screen shot has been taken, they can submit their picture as a weekly assignment to me on the Google Classroom. At the end of each week I simply check off if they participated in the weekly fitness goals.

When looking into guidance for the class, I would like to utilize the Google Classroom and apps in a more efficient way. There are many videos I could upload to the classroom for students to view and help with their learning. Each time I upload a video I could make it an assignment to write a small comment so I can see that they have read and understand. I would like to use Google Docs to help have a running communication with students. It would be nice for them to pose any questions or concerns, and I could comment back on those for them to read anytime.

I am trying to think of other things I can do. I have toyed with the idea of having them take videos of themselves doing a activity but I worry that privacy issues may come into play and I would never want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Do you have any ideas or apps that may work? Please let me know what you have used in the past.

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  1. HI Matt,

    You do have a problem to solve don’t you.

    Can you video yourself performing the task with instruction and then have the students submit their videos via Youtube on a privacy setting and then delete all videos once the assignment was complete? Would a consent form from the parents help with this aspect and possibly get them involved in the activity as well? Or could you do a live feed where you have a synchronous outdoor class using Zoom? I don’t know all the rules for schools so not sure if this is a feasible solution and honestly, it sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this situation – good luck!

    I personally use Strava and find it helpful as it gives me all the details I need for performance but will check out the other apps you listed.


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