I have had Twitter for many years now, but never really did anything on it. I would follow some comedians, or athletes and see what they said, but I never really understood how to properly use twitter. After learning about all the different ways, it can be used, I was intrigued to experience a new side to it.

#bcedchat. Digital Image. Twitter. July, 2013. https://twitter.com/bcedchat.

I decided to attend the BCEd Chat on Sunday Oct. 4that 7:00. This for me seemed like the best idea as I read through many of the topics on the Tweet Chat calendar and nothing really sparked my interest. I wanted my first experience with tweet chats to be something that I can use so I will want to go back. The BC Ed Chat looked like a good place to start as I would be able to see what other teachers are thinking and get their perspective on how things are going in schools across the province. This was my first time doing something like this, so for my first time I chose to just experience it without participating. To be I was a little shy and scared of what would happen. So, I simply just watched the thread go by and read all the comments that others had.

The experience I had was excellent. I had first thought that it was going to be about curriculum and teachers were just going to collaborate. However, it was completely different. They asked a number of different questions that anyone could respond to. The questions varied from topic to topic and allowed us teachers to have fun with it. Kind of get away from lesson planning and just talk. What was most enjoyable was there were questions about self-care, stressors, and keeping a good balance between personal and work life. This is where I really focused because I was able to see that other teachers are going through the same stressors as I am. I sometimes think that my problems are nothing compared to others so I should deal with them. But this chat was great, as people shared. They also shared ways of coping and ways of finding time for yourself. Strategies that I can use to help myself. It was really a beneficial exercise that I look forward to doing again. Maybe it will something I do each Sunday night.