Assignment 2: Problem Identification

Hey Everyone,

The attached document is my Assignment 2 for EDDL 5101. This is the problem identification. I am a Physical Education teacher, so I used that platform to help with my problem identification. Described in the assignment is the problem of how to teach an effective PE program online when PE is a participation based course. It is hard to gauge the amount of participation that students when there is no evidence of actual work. Therefore the basis of the problem is how can I use technology help monitor students progress and efforts and give proper evaluation in a time where PE is being done away from the teacher.

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  1. Matt, your problem is an important one that needs a good solution… I am not proud of this now, but I can tell you when I was a teen and we had a similar work-out from home log assignment, I would lie and say I did exercises when I did not. So I hope you can come up with something that works to prevent that – I am curious to see how this project will evolve!

    • Hey Eilidh,

      Thanks for your comment here. I think far more students are taking this route because it may be easy and they may just not like doing the work. I don’t think it was just you, I think most students are taking this approach. In some ways, you can look at it as being smart. Students find ways to “cheat” the system. At least we can find some security in knowing that they did think about our work and they came up with a creative way of doing it. Hopefully I find something that works better than. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I’m wondering if the students could video their assignments? I’m not sure what ages you teach but it seems them “young folks” have better phones than I do! I don’t know if this is feasible with privacy and school policies but it may be an idea.

    ps. I loved PE in school – it came second after recess!

    • Hey Erika,

      Yes. PE was and still is the best, for some. Recess and then maybe lunch for others. HAHA.

      I teach high school (grades 8 – 12). We have discussed the video taping of assignments. However, the problem we keep running into is the privacy issue. Is it ok to have video’s of students on your computer? Is it secure enough that those videos will not leak out anywhere? These are issues that we have to be aware of. With that being said, all students have tiktoc accounts, facebook, instagram and more where they post videos and pictures of themselves. So is it really a privacy issue? I’m unsure.

      Thanks so much for the idea.


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